There is no reason to leave your beautiful chandelier behind!  If you have a chandelier that needs to be relocated, we will prepare it for moving.  In order for the chandelier to be moved safely and successfully, the crystals and removable attachments (bobeches), will have to be removed (undessed), tissue wrapped and labeled.  Easy-to-read schematics will have to be designed for reassembling (dressing).  Crystal Clear Chandelier Services can provide this service and re-assemble (dress) the chandelier if the move is within the Greater New Orleans area.

Undressing Frame and Pack for Moving

When purchasing a new chandelier, the customer generally receives the frame undressed…meaning without the crystals hanging on the frame.  Therefore, after the electrician installs the frame, you must dress each crystal on the frame.  The new chandelier will come with schematics that are sometimes confusing and hard to interpret.  Crystal Clear Chandelier Services has the experience to dress your chandelier and help you avoid frustration.


Dressing Crystals on a Frame

 on a Frame